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Give Mentor Project

The LIT GIVE project is working in collaboration with Limerick Dyslexia Awareness to facilitate the GIVE Mentor project. This project is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 18 years who experience specific learning difficulties. The LIT Student Mentor is assigned to a Mentee and utilises their knowledge, skills and experience to help these young people feel empowered and broaden their horizons in a supportive and supervised environment.

Aims of the Pilot Project

  • Promote sharing of knowledge between LIT and the wider community organisations
  • Provide comprehensive awareness and specialist training for volunteer mentors
  • Enable  LIT Student Mentors to utilise their knowledge, skills and expertise for the benefit of the greater community
  • Empower children, (12-18 years), who experience Specific Learning Difficulties, to broaden their horizons and feel empowered in a supportive/supervised environment and in the company of carefully selected and matched mentors
  • To gain valuable experience and information that will serve to inform future efforts in this area


This pilot project commenced in the 2010/2011 academic year and was extremely well received by all stakeholders with activities occurring on a bi- weekly basis. The mentors/mentees engaged in activities such as:

  • Introduction to third level sessions
  • Planning for the Future sessions
  • Magic workshops
  • Drama workshops
  • Gaming sessions facilitated by the LIT Gaming Society
  • Radio broadcasting session facilitated by Wired FM
  • Table Quiz
  • Themed Fancy Dress Evening
  • Film Project
  • Film Premiere Event

Quotes from the participants….

“I found the mentor programme a very positive part of my life and found working with the participants empowering for myself in my feelings around my professional life. On a personal note I found that I learned something from every one of the participants and it wasn’t just me striving to be a positive role model, it was also a learning experience for me.” GIVE Mentor

“I really enjoyed the project. I enjoyed preparing the Scrapbook, getting insight to my careers and meeting people.” Mentee

“My involvement in the mentor programme was brilliant. It was one of the best things I've ever done and being able to help another person even in the smallest of ways made me feel very proud of myself. It was different to anything I have ever done and I can't wait to do it all again next year!” GIVE Mentor

“I got more confident with people and I enjoyed meeting new people.” Mentee



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