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Mature Applicants

Welcome to LIT

This Institute welcomes Mature students and will accept applications from persons of mature years (i.e. 23 years of age on 1st January for admission in September). Such applications, together with documentary proof of relevant work experience and/or qualifications which they wish to have considered, should reach the CAO office on or before 1st February.

Entry for places to courses other than Year 1 should be made directly to:

The Admissions Office,
Limerick Institute of Technology
Tel: 061 293262 Fax: 061 293001
Email: admissions@lit.ie


Policy on Mature Students

In view of the changes in T.L.T. regulations in 1989/90 the Limerick Institute of Technology recognised the need to formally adopt some guidelines to cover such applicants. The following Policy Document was formally adopted.

1. Mature students should not be subject to any disadvantage in seeking a place. In other words, if they qualify on the normal entry basis, then they should have equal access.

2. Students without the Normal Academic Entry Requirements, who are of mature years (i.e. 23 years of age on 1st January prior to admission), should be considered. To secure a place, they must satisfy an Admissions Assessment Board that they have the basic ability and academic foundation to follow the course and take the examinations successfully.

3. Where a student of mature years can satisfy the Assessment Board that he or she is, at least as well able to take a course as the current student intake, then a place may be so offered.

4. Where a student of mature years can satisfy the Board that they meet the Minimum Entry Requirements, but do not meet an equivalent of the current level of intake, then the Board may recommend that an additional place be made for the student. However, this recommendation must be based on the belief that the board is satisfied, in its opinion, that the student could follow and pass the examinations.

5. Where a student of mature years is assessed to have met a minimum entry requirement, but where the Board is not convinced that the person could follow the course, then the board should not recommend admission to the course.

6. For specified high demand courses, those interviewed will be ranked in order of merit and offered places accordingly. Also, for such courses, only applicants with LIT courses in their top 2 preferences will be ranked. Applicants are best advised to check with the Admissions Office for this listing.

7. Please note that applicants who wish to be assessed as Mature CANNOT avail of the CAO ‘Change of Mind’ option.


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