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Interview Preparation

Having successfully completed the initial stages, you are now ready for your selection interview. Companies have many different styles of interviews, some may conduct initial screening interviews, others in-depth individual interviews or panel interviews. In all cases, preparation about the company, the job and your strengths are essential.

The Winning Formula:

The 3 P's

  • Preparation
    • Become informed on the company; products, competitors, web sites, who do you know?
  • Practice
    • Think about past experiences that you can use for examples, write them down, read aloud, rephrase. Rehearse!
  • Presentation
    • First impressions are critical
    • Arrive 10-15 mins ahead of interview time
    • Turn off that mobile!
    • Speak clearly - take your time if you need to - remember to breathe!
    • Look interested
    • Appearance really matters - clean, groomed, appropriate dress.

Typical Questions, use the 3P formula to answer:

Tell me about yourself ...

Why have you applied for the job/course ...

Describe a situation that helped you learn ...

What has been your experience with...

Detail the key steps you take in order to ...

Why should we give you the job ...

What has been your greatest achievement to date ...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ...

Competency Questions, use the 3P formula to answer:

Can you think of a time when ...

Can you provide an example ...

Can you describe a situation when ...

How did you go about ...

What did you learn from that experience ...

Attend a Workshop:

Final year students are encouraged to attend a workshop 'How to Win at Interviews'.  Detail of the schedule and frequency of these workshops is available on the Careers Notice Board or on your School Notice Boards.

The Ultimate List of Interview Questions - prepare answers to all of these and you're singing!


Web Resources for Interviews

Gradireland website:  www.gradireland.com

Careers4graduates:   www.careers4graduates.com

Prospects:                 www.prospects.ac.uk

Realworld:                wwwrealwroldmagazine.com


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