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Photography, Film, Video - BA (Honours) in Fine Art
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 8
    Art & Design
    3 year specialisation following LC110 First Year Art & Design
    Limerick (Clare St)

    What is the programme about?

    Our fine art lens-based programme recognises the many new possibilities that exist in Photography, Film and Video and our priority is to provide the skills that allow you to negotiate this environment. We do this by emphasizing the conceptual opportunities offered by the many applications of digital technology while at the same time exploring traditional photographic practices. Both analogue and digital processes feature for us as we consider new methods of production in which the boundaries surrounding the ‘still’ or the ‘moving’ image have changed. Class contact is initially 23 hours a week with learning becoming increasingly self directed as you progress.

    All students are encouraged to consider the many new media industries seeking creative practitioners with a fine art background and proficient in Photography, Film and Video. As an artist where would you see yourself in this exciting environment? On graduating you will be equipped with a broad skill and knowledge base making you confident in all aspects of photography, film and video. Career opportunities include: Photographer, Artist, Camera Operator, Editor, Web Content Producer, Sound Technician, Audio Visual Technician, Special Effects, Curator, Art Critic / Writer

    Programme graduates

    In our newly formed programme we are proud to have produced award-winning students.  Marcus Craig from our inaugural year achieved an RHA award and in the following year Gabrielle Drimalovski was awarded the prestigious Lismore Castle Arts Solo Graduate Award (Origins). Gabrielle was the overall winner from Degree shows nationally and her video work Scopoaesthesia formed the basis of a solo show at the St. Carthage Hall Lismore in October 2017.  After graduating Gabrielle continued her practice while training with Troy Film Studios in Limerick. http://www.lismorecastlearts.ie/origins-2017-gabrielle-drimalovski-7-october-2-december/

    Programme staff

    We are active practitioners of art and media led by programme leader Lorraine Neeson and it is our intention to provide each student with a multi-disciplinary skillset that is directly transferable to both new media industries and conceptual art endeavor. Our team brings their knowledge of traditional and digital lens based processes including television and online video production, multimedia design for digital platforms, sound design (including music production) installation and curation. We have an active visiting lecturer programme, where professional practitioners lecture, and workshop and provide tutorials with students.

    The programme – an inside view 

    Year 1- We provide a practical introduction to still, moving imagery and post-production as part of a common Year One with a specific elective designed for Photography, Film and Video in Semester 2.  

    Year 2 - Students are fully introduced to the principles of Photography, Film, and Video through regular individual and group tutorials, seminars, workshops, fieldtrips and the visiting lecturer programme. We pay special attention to the development of technical skills in the use of photography, lens-based media and related software.

    Year 3 - You will focus and develop research methods to stimulate in-depth, complex ideas and to integrate such thinking into your daily artistic practice while developing your technical skills.  Professional practice is provided and your conceptual strengths are developed through personal projects. Semester 2 features exciting on and off-site collaborative projects leading towards an end of year exhibition organized by the class.

    Year 4 - We provide learning resources, time and space for you to develop a finished lens based media project for your final year exhibition. The exhibit will demonstrate how the methodologies you will have chosen stimulated in-depth complex ideas and how you integrated such thinking into their practice.

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