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  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 8
    Applied Social Sciences
    CAO Points:
    209 (Round 1) ​
    4 Years (including work placement in Years 2 and 3)

    What is the programme about?
    This programme emphasises the personal and professional development required to work in this challenging field. Social Care is the professional provision of care, protection, support, welfare and advocacy for vulnerable or dependent clients, individually or in groups. As a graduate, you will find employment opportunities with the HSE, statutory and voluntary organisations and with both residential and community-based agencies.
    Typically, a social care worker is employed in areas such as working with people who have physical or learning difficulties/disabilities, young people at risk, children who have been neglected or abused and elderly people, in settings as diverse as residential care, day care, and community based services.

    Who is the programme suited to?
    This programme aims to prepare skilled and professionally competent graduates to work in a variety of social care settings and to facilitate learners in acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills to engage in professional reflective practice. The qualities needed to become a good social care worker include energy, enthusiasm, empathy and a genuine interest in working with the most deprived and marginalized groups in society.
    Placement Module
    The learner will undertake practice placements in different work settings. This will enable the learner to engage in the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the academic year. To ensure the protection of the public and justify public trust and confidence, LIT uses the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU) service to assess the suitability of applicants. Depending upon the outcome of the vetting process, the Institute reserves the following rights: 1. to not register a learner; 2. to remove an existing registered learner; 3. to delay the learner’s practice placement modules on course.
    In all circumstances it is the learner’s responsibility to proactively disclose any convictions or pending cases. 

    Top 3 Reasons
    1. LIT offers a most respected Social Care programme which has professional links with The Irish Association of Social Care Educators (IASCE) and Formation d’Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training (FESET).

    2. Work placements in different work settings enable you to engage in the practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the academic year.

    3. Opportunities for post-graduate training and research leading to Masters and PhD qualifications are available.

    Class Contact Hours
    21 hours per week depending on year


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