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LC513 Business (Clonmel) - BBs (Honours)
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 8
    Business & Financial Service
    CAO Points:
    2017 251
    4 years

    What is the programme about?
    Put simply, business really matters in the current challenging global economy. The role of business is to enable commerce and to make the world a better place for all – by creating well-being, wealth, jobs, prosperity and choices. Our Honours Degree in Business provides students with the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills to work effectively at operational and management level within a business environment in the public or private sector or as a self-employed individual. Our Business programmes educate students in a broad range of business principles and functions, providing a solid understanding of the modern business world. Coupled with an opportunity to undertake a work placement at the end of second year means that, on graduation, our students are equipped with the necessary core knowledge and skills to contribute immediately and effectively to any organisation.

    Who is the programme suited to?
    ​This programme is suited to students who wish to develop business skills and competencies to work effectively in management, marketing or finance across a wide range of sectors (e.g. public, private, retail, banking, manufacturing). Students who wish to develop strong analytical, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills or to become self-employed will find this programme is well suited to them.

    Top 3 Reasons
    1 Our Business programmes educate students in a broad range of business principles and functions, thus providing a solid understanding of the modern business world and a breadth of knowledge and skills required for employment in many working environments.
    2 Business is a common denominator in all discussions on future growth areas from accounting and business services to innovation, entrepreneurship and international trade, as well as the business functions that contribute to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, ICT and environmental sectors. Business graduates will have a key role to play in Ireland’s recovery and future development.
    3 Our Business students have an opportunity to ‘put the theory into practice’ by undertaking a valuable work placement module at the end of second year. This practical approach to learning ensures that on graduation, in addition to academic and technical capabilities, students have developed a real understanding of the world of business.

    Class Contact Hours
    Year 1:  24 hours per week.
    Years 2, 3, 4:  18 hours per week.​

    Did You Know?
    Graduates of our Business programmes are working in areas as diverse as Second level Teaching, Advertising, Human Resources and as self-employed business people. The broad nature of the Business degree programmes gives students numerous career opportunities on graduation.


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