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Sculpture & Combined Media - BA (Honours) in Fine Art
  • Programme Code:
    Course Level:
    Level 8
    Art & Design
    3 year specialisation following LC110 First Year Art & Design
    Limerick (Clare St)

    What is the programme about?
    Sculpture and Combined Media at Limerick School of Art and Design is a vibrant, professional, experimental programme that offers students a balance between traditional making skills and contemporary sculpture practice, with relevant multimedia skills. The programme is structured to respond to the changing nature of contemporary sculptural art practice and also incorporates the use and understanding of new media and materials such as video, performance art, public art, internet based media, installation, sound art and photography. The programme prepares students to be independent, critical and to develop realistic ways of sustaining a practice in the social and cultural domain. A major strength is that the programme always considers the public and audience. It instils in the student the importance and an awareness of research, presentation, proposal writing and documentation of practice – which is invaluable as a professional artist. The programme also encourages students to look at how other traditional media such as film, theatre, dance and music relate to 3D Sculptural Practice

    Top 3 Reasons
    1. The S&CM is a challenging course that prepares students for contemporary practice and the cultural industries.

    2. Students who graduate from S&CM are now working in a diverse range of careers such as: public art, film, art history, art consultancy, public art offices, script writing, cultural industries, professional artists, curators, sound art, fine art auction houses & multi media industries.

    3. We are one of the few courses in Ireland to run professional public art commissions.

    Class Contact Hours
    Initially 23 hours per week in Year 1; however, as the programme progresses, the course of study becomes increasingly self-directed.

    Did You Know?
    Exclusively on offer to Sculpture & Combined Media students are a series of Public Art Commissions. The staff assist students in the preparation of professional models and presentation material in relation to the artist brief. This mirrors conditions and criteria used in the ‘real’ world of % for art public art commissioning, and is an invaluable learning outcome for our students. The department has carried out a number of successful projects of this nature the most recent being the LIMERICK EMERGENCY SERVICES PUBLIC ARTWORK located in Clancy Strand. The department is currently working with the Limerick Civic Trust on the next public art project.

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