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LIT Courses

Undergraduate Courses (CAO List) 

All undergraduate courses must be applied for through the CAO. If you are going into the first year of a course then choose this option.  

First Year Direct Entry Courses

LIT offers several Direct Entry Courses. These are courses that are not available through CAO, and applications can only be made via the Direct Entry route. To see what Direct Entry Courses are on offer @ LIT click here’

Flexible Learning Courses

The Flexible Learning programme at Limerick Institute of Technology offers opportunities to people from a variety of backgrounds who wish to pursue personal and career development goals through the potential of education.

Postgraduate Programmes

There are several Taught and Research postgraduate courses on offer at LIT. A full list of taught postgrad courses is listed on the link below. For information on current Research taking place at LIT see our Research section.

Springboard Fund

Springboard is a multi-annual fund providing higher education opportunities for unemployed people which offers job seekers the option to take up a part-time course in higher education and training, free-of-charge.

Undergraduate Courses (Add-on)

Add-On courses are a continuation course from Higher Cert to Bachelors to Honours Bachelors. These courses are linked to certain undergraduate courses within the college. There are two means of applying for Add-On Courses, online application and applying directly to LIT.

FETAC & Apprentice Programmes

LIT offers Craft Apprentice Programmes in Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Stone-Cutting, Plastering, and Tiling. The purpose of these programmes is to supplement the training given onsite, through related Theory and Practice.


For Full-time programme queries, contact:
Admissions (Limerick)
Tel: (061) 293262
E: admissions@lit.ie
Admissions (Tipperary)
Tel: (0504) 28072
E: Tippadmissions@lit.ie

For Flexible Learning/Postgraduate programme queries, contact: 

Flexible Learning (Limerick)
Tel: (061) 293802
E: FLLimerick@lit.ie
Flexible Learning (Tipperary)
Tel: (0504) 28112
E: Flexible@lit.ie 


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