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Disability/Specific Learning Difficulties Support
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The Fund for Students With Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded from the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

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Current Student FAQs'

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What do I do if I feel that I am falling behind in my studies?

The most important thing is to take action immediately. There are lots of things we can do to help, but these need to be put in place sooner rather than later.

The first thing you need to do:
  • Make an appointment with the Disability Officer or the Disability Learning Advisor. We can then pinpoint exactly where the problem might be and can take steps to help.
  • If your difficulty is strictly academic, a referral to the Learning Support Unit for weekly tuition (normally 1 hour per week) might get you back on track.
  • The Disability Learning Advisor will be able to help you with other problems, such as difficulty completing assignments or trouble with organization and time management.

What do I do if it turns out that the course I chose is not for me?

Any student can find themselves in a programme that is not for them or not what they thought it would be. Having a learning difficulty can make this situation worse, as you are already facing many challenges and do not need the added stress that comes with being in the wrong programme.

It's important to remember that there is always a "settling in" period at third level, and when you have a learning difficulty this can last a bit longer than with other students. For this reason, it's important not to make any quick decisions – give yourself at least a term before making any judgements about your programme. However, if the Christmas exams have come and gone and you feel that the programme you've chosen is definitely not for you, then you should arrange an appointment with the Dyslexia Support Tutor or Disability Officer to discuss your concerns. We might then refer you to the Careers Officer, who can help you to determine the best options for your particularly abilities.

I'm an Apprentice and am completing a phase at LIT. How do I get the accommodations I need?

Who should I contact with any concerns or questions I might have?

Am I eligible for the Fund for Students with Disabilities?

Who do I contact for Dyslexia Support?

Will the Disability Learning Advisor proofread my work for me?

As a student with dyslexia, will I be able to get extensions on my assignments?

As a student with dyslexia, will I get a spelling and grammar waiver for my assignments?

What if there is a change to my needs?

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