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Disability/Specific Learning Difficulties Support
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The Fund for Students With Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded from the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.


Prospective Students FAQs

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I've accepted a place at LIT and I have a Disability. Now what do I do?

When you applied through the CAO, you probably gave supplementary information about your disability or specific learning difficulty (SLD). Depending on your needs, this could have included:
  • A psycho-educational assessment from an educational psychologist
  • Reports from consultants
  • Supporting documentation from your secondary school
  • Documentation from the State Examination Board
  • A statement from yourself about how your disability has affected your learning over the years
Once you accept a position at LIT, the Access Service then receives the supplementary information from the CAO. You will then be contacted for a Needs Assessment with the Disability Officer or Dyslexia Support Tutor as soon as possible. At this meeting we will look at your supplementary information with you and work together to decide what you will need at LIT.

Once you have met with us, we will then enter your requirements on the student record system, Banner, and will issue you with a Letter of Accommodation. You can give a copy of this letter to your lecturers to inform them about your needs.

What do I do if I didn't disclose my disability to the CAO?

If you did not disclose your disability to the CAO or are transferring from another institution, we will not know about your needs unless you let us know. It is best to contact the Access Service as soon as you can. When we hear from you we will arrange an appointment for your Needs Assessment. At your Needs Assessment, we will need proof of your needs from a consultant's report or a psycho-educational assessment by an educational psychologist.

I have a physical or sensory disability and​ am concerned about accessing the campus – what should I do?

Please schedule a meeting with the Disability Officer before September. At this meeting we will discuss all your concerns and needs and will put a plan in place to ensure that the campus is accessible to you. The Access Service works with the Estates Manager and the Health and Safety Officer to make sure our campuses are fully accessible for students with disabilities.

I am deaf/hearing impaired and will need a Sign-Language Interpreter while studying at LIT – what should I do?

I will need a personal assistant while studying at LIT – what should I do?

I have a mental health condition – what should I do?

I have a Specific Learning Difficulty - why should my psycho-educational assessment not be more than five years old?

What accommodations can I avail of once I have registered with the Access Service?

Am I eligible for the Fund for Students with Disabilities?

I’m interested in LIT, but I’m not sure if it will be the right fit for me. What should I do?

Does LIT offer induction/orientation specifically for students with disabilities?

No, LIT does not offer a separate or parallel induction specifically for students with disabilities. New students with disabilities are strongly advised to attend the general induction sessions held in September for all incoming students. Likewise, if you are a mature student with a disability, you are strongly advised to attend both the mature student induction AND the general induction for all students.

Where appropriate, Broze O’Donovan (Disability Officer) will meet individually with incoming students to provide campus orientation and address specific access concerns prior to the start of the first term.

Depending on your needs, you may also meet with LIT’s Health & Safety Officer.

Why is my documentation so important?

What documentation will I need?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was younger, but my Educational Psychologist’s Report is now more than five years old. Can I still get supports?

I have dyslexia. I don’t have an Educational Psychologist’s Report but I did receive reasonable accomodations for the Leaving Certificate. Is the letter from the RACE scheme (Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Exams) enough to get exam supports at LIT?

I will need a note-taker while studying at LIT – what should I do?

It is important that your Evidence of Disability form clearly indicates the need for a note-taker. This form must be completed by your Consultant or Audiologist, as appropriate. Unfortunately, a GP’s recommendation is not acceptable.

Note-takers are normally only available to students with a physical disability or students who are hard of hearing. Note-takers are NOT available to students with Dyslexia.

Will I get Assistive Technology as an LIT student with a disability or specific learning difficulty?


The Fund for Students With Disabilities is funded by the Irish Government and part funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013



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