Plan - A Portrait of Weimar, Germany

Plan was created in 1997 on a four month residency at the ACC Gallery, in Weimar. This urban historical portrait is a installation consists of 900 enameled Weimar street signs, covering of 152 sq,m. There are 450 different individual street names dating from 1910.

The metal/enamel signs were replaced by new plastic ones with the unification of Germany. The old streets signs were thrown in a bin awaiting their imminent disposal, when the artist discovered them. Once transported the the artists studio, the signs where cleaned, documented and archived them.

Dresden Moterhaller

By isolating the signs and presenting them in an exhibition context, the artist is inviting the viewer to look at these everyday objects anew and to reconsider what they may "represent".
'…there is a tangible physicality about these signs which may conjure up vivid memories for those who have perhaps had occasion to once wonder these streets. Or, indeed, for those for whom these streets exist only as part of the fable of political boundary writing, learned of from books, newspapers and magazines, these signs offer a strange collage type of place.' Juliana Engberg, Director Melbourne International Biannual , 'Signs of Life', 1999.

Detail Street Signs

Plan was exhibited at the at The Melbourne International Biennial 'Signs of Life', Melbourne, Australia in 1999. In 1998, at the ACC Galerie, Weimar, the Gallerie Coac, Berlin. In February 2005 a section of the portrait installation was shown at the Motorenhalle Gallery, Dresden.