Keeper Portraits 1998 - ongoing

Keeper Portraits is a major exhibition series & accumalative legacy art project of social and political portraits that reflect specific points in the history of Ireland. It is an extensive series of artworks initially based around The original Long Kesh Compound & adjacent Maze prison, Northern Ireland.

Initiated by Amanda Dunsmore when she was selected by the Prison Art Foundation for the artist in residency program in The Maze,1999. She was also commisioned to organizing the art from prison exhibition Captivating 1998-2000 (PAF).

Amanda developed working relationships with the prisoners & prison staff and she was given access to document once security sensitive areas such as the original Long Kesh Compound.

The Keeper Portrait Series combines portraits of individuals and of place, connected by specific geo-political social change.


Wall Paper Installation 2007
Good Friday / Belfast Agreement - Portraits, 2005 - ongoing
Billy's Museum
Billy's Museum , 2004
'Strikers, Narrative #1, 2005/( German language), 2007
"The Soldier & The Queen", text & narrated installation, 2005

'Consuming Politics' four monitor video installation televison media documents from Northern Ireland. 1997 & 1998