The Hunger Strikers, 2005. Narrated audio installation featuring Billy Hull talking about being one of the prison officers who sat with the hungers strikers.

A narrative discribing what it is to watch a man, take his own life through refusal to eat.  



'It was only when they began to deteriorate that the doctor became concerned about them. That he informed the governor. And the governor where upon informed us as security that we would have to look at it and see how it would have to handled....The hunger strikers well when they where at their end, well it was quite gruesome. Because these chaps had all deteriorated so much they where, just a shell of a human being lying on the bed And their smell you could smell them....The thing that took me most was to see a plate of food come in - I like my food - and to see a big plate of cabbage, bacon, potatoes, gravy, big bowl of custard, bit of pudding on the top, fresh cream. That was set in front of them every day, and they could 't, they didn't the will power was there. They didn't would 't touch it. And that used to take me to the cleaners, yeah know. Where did they get the will power from to stand, or sit, or lie, and look at this. And the smell! The small rooms in the hospital, were so small and very little ventilation. The smell of the food was there all the time. It was on your clothes. You could smell it all the time ....