Others Have Their Heads - 2010/2011

Others Have Their Heads involve the public created interventions. Initially, the reasoning behind an intervention held elements of protest or social political relevance. Through the 'Festival of Region' the artist offered actions from the town of Attnang-Putnang, Austria, in June 2011. Inspired by a series of artist talks to local associations, institutions and individuals. Aiming being to( gently and with humor), encourage people to initiate their own series of interventions. Interested audience participants had the choice of experiencing this art as a group performance - structured as a workshop event or as solo pieces, which were up loaded onto a public space internet site.

Large scale photographic pieces and videos were exhibited in the Town Hall Square.

PDF festival catalogue (17mb) or look back through the blog (which is used to document artistic process) to view the 150 'Others' interventions'.