Mr. & Mrs. Krab’s Utopia, narrated rural portrait 4:3. 17mins. 2 channel audio. Size varies. 2006. Commisioned for Rural Vernacular, Public Art Project, Clare County Council Arts Office, Publication.


The content of "Mr. & Mrs. Krab’s Utopia" is a intimate, honest and often humorous meditation portrait on contemporary rural life in Ireland from a ‘outsiders’ point of view.

The participants were asked 'Why did they relocate to start a new life, in Ireland. Were they looking for a kind of Utopia?'. The resulting conversations touched on many rural issues such as the weather, family, time, roads, drugs, cars, wealth, houses and the future.

The research for this commission was conducted through a series of interviews with non nationals living in rural Ireland. The artist was looking for a outside and informed option on social issues found in contemporary rural Co .Clare. Combined random selection of one minuet rural video studies, recreating the visual details noticed when engaged in a conversation.


X-PO, Kilnaboy, Ireland