The Soldier & The Queen, 3 channal 4:3 video/text & narrated audio installation 5min. looped. Premier; Void gallery Derry, 2005.

Two male voices recite the scribbled & underlined notation made by internees, in the margins of the book; Antony & Cleopatra, by Shakespeare. This book was found in the original Long Kesh Compound by the artist.


'War. War turn war. Slip turn beyond. Seek Sex. Bastards. Past Grief. Past wants him. Past wants strife. Another death. Another love. Another duty. Another irony. Another one, like a fool. Sick and sullen. Eternity. Equality. Idle. Conceit. Views. Natural pleasure. O will full. O deceit full. O spite full. Quarrel no more. I am. Prepare for battle. Soldier. Nights. Of his bones. O. Peace or War. Who shall stand. On that day.'

Post-production 2017, supported by Outpost, NYC, USA.