SHHH SHHH SHHH - Bags, Streets, Windows. Commisioned to create a series of art works which spoke to people effected by issues of mental health, social inclusion/exclusion and justice/social systems. KunstRaum Goethestrasse - Linz, Austria. 2008.


SHHH SHHH SHHH - Streets. An Action - the presenting of a self powered radio to homeless individuals in Linz, Austria. The action took place September over four days in 2008.


'I gave the radio to the woman with black hair. She read my letter and spoke English with me a little. Then she gave the radio to her friend. He seemed happy and was madly winding away at the crank when we left with lot’s of friendly goodbyes.

In the same park I spotted a woman couched under a tree drinking from a can. Her blue eyes rimmed with red eye-liner. She was friendly but didn't’t want her photograph taken. She told us she was a Shaman. She had no problem for photographs to be taken of the place she’d chosen to sit. She was very pleased with the radio and immediately danced a slow power dance for us as a thanks.' Dunsmore, 2008.


Photographer: Barbara Landgraf