SHHH SHHH SHHH - Bags, Streets, Windows. A three part public art work, KunstRaum Goethestrasse - Linz, Austria. 2008. Commisioned to create art initiatives around issues of mental health, crime, social inclusion/exclusion and criminal justice systems.

The aim for Dunsmore in creating this street level window based presentation was to reach a wider, non gallery based audience and an attempt to sooth the city. The audio installation comprised of transducer speakers placed on the inside windows at various locations in the city of Linz. The glass of the street level windows was transformed into speakers, which emitted a child-soothing parental sound.


This sound or 'Shhh' was based on the calming sounds made by parents when soothing their children. A sound to sooth the dark hours. Sound to calm streets, though at another level the sound combined with the darkness of night, brought a disturbing, element to the piece. The audio combined with the choosen location, supplied different contexts for the city users.