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Financial Assistance

LIT 1916 Bursary Fund Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the 1916 Bursary Fund?

2. Who are the target groups for the 1916 Bursaries?

3. Who can apply for the 1916 Bursary Fund?

4. Who cannot apply for the 1916 Bursary?

5. Is the LIT 1916 Bursary Fund a competitive process?

6. What is the value of the 1916 Bursary?

7. How do I apply?

8. What supporting documentation is required?

9. What is the closing date for receipt of applications?

10. I am a continuing student. Can I apply for the 1916 Bursary?

11. Will the 1916 Bursary affect my social welfare payment?

12. Will the 1916 Bursary affect my SUSI application?

13. Can I apply for the Student Assistance Fund if I an awarded the 1916 Bursary?

14. If my LIT 1916 Bursary Fund application is successful. How will I be notified?

15. If my LIT 1916 Bursary Fund application is unsuccessful. How will I be notified?

16. I have been awarded the LIT 1916 Bursary Fund. How will I be paid?

17. If I am successful, can I defer my award?

18. If my application is successful, how many years of my programme will I receive the 1916 Bursary?

19. If I have to repeat a year of my programme, will I still receive the 1916 Bursary?

20. Can I receive a 1916 Bursary in conjunction with another bursary, scholarship or award?

21. Will my data be shared?

22. Can I appeal if my application is declined?

23. What can I do if I have a query about the LIT 1916 Bursary Fund?

This project or operation is part supported by the Irish government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.

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