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Grants & Fees Office

Welcome to Limerick Institute of Technology's Student Grants & Fees Office

We provide information and assistance to LIT students in relation to Grants and Fees for third level education.

All undergraduate and postgraduate course fees consist of two elements:

  1. A student contribution charge and
  2. a tuition charge.

Most full-time undergraduate students are covered by the *Irish Government Free Fees Scheme for their tuition fee, and therefore will only have to pay the Student Contribution Fee and a Materials/ Health & Safety Fee, where applicable. These fees can be viewed under our schedule of fees.

*To see if you qualify for the Free Fees (tuition fees), please see our Free Fees Scheme section

Paying your Fees:

All full-time LIT students can avail of two payment options:

Option 1: 100 % on registration.

Option 2: 50% on registration and 50% by the 15th January.

Please see our How to Pay your Fees section and Online Payment Guide

IMPORTANT: Non-Payment Penalties for Full-time Students:

1st Instalment

Non-payment by the 31st of October will incur a late payment fee of €50

2nd Instalment

Non-payment by the 15th January will incur a late payment fee of €100

Please refer to our payment of fees deadlines section for more details.

IMPORTANT: Ideally, students should pay their fees using either of the two payment options above, but if you are having difficulty paying your fees, to avoid late payment charges, please contact the Grants & Fees office as soon as possible, to set-up an agreed, signed instalment plan.

Online Registration:

All students must register online, each academic year. In order for the Grants & Fee office to process student grant awards for SUSI students must be Temporary Registered. Students not temporary registered by the 1st of November are removed from the register and are deemed not to be students of the Institute.

IMPORTANT: Students registering after the 1st of November, will incur a late charge of €50.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for any further queries or contact 061 293366


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