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Withdrawing from a Programme

Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students 

Prior to a Student making a decision to officially withdraw from a programme, it is highly recommended that contact be made with either their Programme Leader, Head of Department and/or the LIT Retention Officer. 

To officially withdraw, the student must complete an official LIT student withdrawal form, a hard copy can be obtained from the Admissions Office and the School Offices.  The Student should return the completed, signed withdrawal form, together with their Student ID Card to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.  Please click here to download form.

For fee purposes upon receipt of the official withdrawal form, the Admission Office will liaise with the relevant Department to determine the student’s last date of attendance.  This date will be then used, as the last date of attendance. 


If a student officially withdraws from a programme before specific dates a refund of some fees may be possible. Please see following examples: 

If a student officially withdraws from the college before 31 October, they will be refunded all contribution/tuition fees paid for that academic year. 

If a student officially withdraws from the college between 1 November and 31 January, they will be charged 50% contribution and 50% tuition.  They will be refunded any amount that they have paid that exceeds the 50%. 

If a student withdraws after the 31 January, they are not entitled to a refund and are liable for the full fees for that academic year. 

Please email studentfees@lit.ie to request a Bank Details form. 

NB: Please note that Materials/Health & Safety fees paid for certain courses in non-refundable. 

Students who do not formally withdraw or defer, will continue to be enrolled on their course and where applicable, the Institute will claim their full tuition fee for that year. 

If a Student who withdraws, has outstanding fees on their account, this will affect their enrolment, should they return to the Institute at a later stage.  

Research Postgraduate Students 

Students who wish to withdraw from a Research Postgraduate Programme must do so officially, by completing a withdrawal form.  The withdrawal form is available upon request from the Graduate Research Office.  Phone:  +353 61 29353 or Email: graduatestudies@lit.ie.  

Flexible Learning Students 

Students who wish to withdraw from a Flexible Learning Programme must do so officially, by completing a withdrawal form, available upon request from the Department of Flexible Learning in Limerick or Thurles as appropriate.  To obtain a Flexible Learning withdrawal form, please email flexible@lit.ie.   


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