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HEATPlus - This project is now complete! For similar training currently available in Ireland - www.QualiBuild.ie/fes-training

About HEATPlus

The HEATPlus Programme has been developed because plumbers will be required to have increased knowledge of new heating and ventilation systems which are becoming the norm within both new and retrofitted buildings. There are a number of drivers for this change including;

  • new Irish dwellings have to achieve energy consumption levels 60% below that of a house built in 2005. This requires advanced heating systems with high efficiencies and dedicated heating control systems. Plumbers traditionally have limited training and exposure to these new advanced heating control systems
  • new Irish building regulations requiring 10% of all heat within a building to be provided from renewable energy. These systems will require to be integrated with existing systems
  • increased presence in the Irish market of heating and ventilation systems (HV), mechanical heat recovery systems (MHRV) and passive ventilation systems. The wide range of systems will require plumbers to be able to identify the need for, and plan for installation of, such ventilation systems.

Training will be over a two week period in Germany and a total of 100 people will be trained as part of the project.


HEATPlus Application Form 2015
HEATPlus Training Programme Overview 2015
CESBEM, REMSOB & HEATPlus 2015 Publication

The project is in line with Ireland’s commitments to reduce energy consumption in the residential sector as part of achieving a 20% energy saving target by 2020.

  • Revised building regulations with improved energy efficiency standards.
  • Changes in the construction sector requiring additional up skilling of those involved in the sector.
  • Energy rating of dwellings now being a legal requirement in Ireland.

The expected results of the project are:

  • 100 people acquiring new theoretical and practical knowledge in energy efficiency in Heating Systems.
  • enhance participants (plumbers) knowledge in the field of sustainable heating and ventilation systems
  • develop new skills in the field of sustainable heating (building physics, air pressure testing, system sizing etc) for participants
  • expose participants to working practices and specifications in German heating and ventilation related companies (solar panels, condensing boilers, air pressure testing, biomass boilers etc.)
  • compare and contrast Irish and German Building standards and regulations
  • increase participants knowledge of German culture and language
  • building networks between the training and the business worlds in Germany and Ireland.
  • improving the quality and increasing the volume of mobility through Europe.

Group No.

Language and Cultural training Dates between

Language and Cultural Training Location

HEATPlus Training Dates in Germany

HPIII Group 3

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LIT, Thurles Campus

Already Complete

On completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Europass Mobility document. 

Flights, accommodation and food are paid for as part of the programme.
If you wish to register your interest or have any queries about the programme please: 

E-mail yvonne.doyle@lit.ie


Phone Yvonne on 0504 28266.


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