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EU Project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - EYE

Business Owners
Do you want to expand your business, or enter other European markets?
Do you want to get in contact with other entrepreneurs?
Do you wonder how to get some fresh ideas for your business?

Do you have a business idea?
Have you decided to set up your own company, but you wonder... will it work?

Well, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE ) is for you.
It’s a European funded project that matches New Entrepreneurs in one EU country with Host Entrepreneurs in another EU country.
It is not a work placement but a contract/exchange amongst equals.
The Host Entrepreneur (HE) must be an owner manager/director of the company and must be able to devote 5 hours per week to coaching and mentoring of the New Entrepreneur (NE).

The NE must have a business plan and want to start a business or be running a new business. Typically a NE will have less than 3 years’ experience and a HE will have 3 or more years running a business.

The advantages for the NE is to get business advice and experience from a HE in a similar business.
The advantages for a HE is to get some new fresh ideas for the business , get project done that he/she may not have the time / skills to do and also maybe get a business partner in another EU country that could lead to new markets. ​​

Click to Download New Entrepreneur Flyer (PDF)
New Entrepreneur Flyer

Click to Download Host Entrepreneur Flyer (PDF)
Host Entrepreneur Flyer

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