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LIT Exceeds National Access Plan Target

LIT has already exceeded the 8% participation target set by the new National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education 2015-2019. During the past academic year, 8.3% of the total student population registered with the Disability Service which has seen an increase in registrations by 103% since 2009. ​​
LIT promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to supporting students who register with the Disability Service. They work closely with academic staff, the Learning Support Unit, Estates Office, Exams Department, LIT Counselling Service, and the LIT Student Health Unit. Student engagement in this process is vital, with an initial needs assessment informing a support plan. Where appropriate, potential supports might include: individualised orientation programmes; study skills advice; extra tuition if required; exam support; access to assistive technology advice and training; and one-to-one meetings with support staff. LIT also offers tailored online resources via the Diversity Portal. The active engagement of students and staff within the support framework has led to LIT progression rates for student with disabilities meeting or exceeding progression rates for the general student population. ​​
A recent LIT graduate highlighted the importance of the service stating that: “The first few weeks were extremely challenging, but I was quickly reassured that the Disability Service would assist me. With their support over the last four years, I can happily say I have now completed my final degree with honours and will be starting a two year Masters in September.” ​​
LIT’s Disability Officer, Broze O’Donovan, sees collaboration as the main tenet of student success:

“It’s a pleasure working with students and staff in LIT as there is such a drive towards collaboration. Many elements contribute to a successful student experience, our services are only one part of the equation. We work to ensure that students with disabilities are offered the same opportunities as other students, but the credit must go to the students themselves for engaging with us and playing such an active role in their own education.”

For more comprehensive information on LIT supports please visit www.lit.ie/disability.


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