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Minister O’Sullivan: LIT Coonagh Campus Development a “Change Moment” for Limerick

- Innovation and employment underpin campus development

LIT Coonagh 001.jpgSpeaking at her first visit to the site of the proposed new campus of LIT at Coonagh today, Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan has said the development of the new facility represents a “change moment” for Limerick that will foster increased innovation and job creation.

Minister O’Sullivan said,

“LIT has demonstrated great vision in its plans for Coonagh, which the Department of Education is supporting by way of significant investment in the purchase of this site. The Coonagh campus will foster innovation and consequent job creation in Limerick and the region, while the provision of new amenities at the City North Sports Park addresses a shortage of facilities on this side of the city.

“A key outcome of the development of this campus is the delivery of industry-led programmes that will drive innovation and stimulate further investment here in Limerick. Graduates from the LIT Coonagh campus will have the skills that key industries require to sustain continued growth in the creation of high-value technology jobs.

“I look forward to seeing the redevelopment process proceeding, something that in itself will lead to 134 jobs in construction, and 100 new permanent roles when the campus is fully operational.

LIT Coonagh 037.jpgLIT Coonagh 094.jpg

President of LIT, Dr. Maria Hinfelaar said,

“Minister Jan O’Sullivan and the Department of Education have been very supportive in LIT’s journey to develop the Coonagh Campus as a highly productive piece of educational infrastructure. We are now on the cusp of a transformational development process, which will allow LIT to almost double its footprint and future-proof the institute’s role as a catalyst for innovation and investment.

“The expansion in the economy brings with it increased skills needs, and Coonagh allows LIT to play a key role in meeting these. By the time the first phase of development is completed in 2018, we will have the capacity for 550 additional students. Each cohort of 120 graduating students will bring €6 million into the economy in salary alone.

“We will be working closely with the Department of Education and other stakeholders to bring the development of the Coonagh Campus to fruition as quickly as possible.

LIT Coonagh 061.jpgLIT Coonagh 085.jpg

Vice President of LIT with responsibility for Corporate Services and Capital Development, Jimmy Browne said,

“This facility will ensure that the region continues to attract the high-value technology jobs that drive the knowledge economy and are critical in the continued development of the Mid-West.


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