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Enterprise START

The EnterpriseSTART programme offers free training, coaching and mentoring to potential entrepreneurs and their teams as they stress test their business idea and start up a business.

The programme is run part-time over 6 weeks and offers a real market-place perspective on what is involved in creating a competitive and sustainable commercial enterprise.

The programme includes modules covered by business people and entrepreneurs with specific expertise in starting and developing new businesses. Each evening will include a Q&A session where you will be able to find out more details from the experts. The programme is designed around 6 key stress tests.

EnterpriseSTART will help you make decisions regarding the feasibility of your business idea and give insights into the essential elements involved in creating a new enterprise.

On completion of the programme approximately 80% of people will continue developing their business concept either on a part-time or full-time basis with some going on to participate on incubation programmes in LIT (e.g. LEAP; TESS or New Frontiers)

What you can expect to be covered during the Programme:

  • Stress Test your Business Idea
  • Introduction to personal and business goal setting
  • Researching your market and potential customers
  • Funding, Finance, tax and legal basics
  • Introduction to business planning and developing a viable business strategy
  • Introduction to selling and business development
  • How to communicate your message – pitch camp!
  • Can you hack it? Do you have what it takes to be your own boss?
  • and lots more!

What outcomes can you expect:

  • Stress test your business idea
  • Clarify your business proposition/model
  • Identify the key areas that require feasibility study support
  • Understand the requirements and process in establishing a business
  • Understand how to research your market and how to get your product/service to market
  • Understand the steps you need to take to prove that your product/service/technology is viable
  • Have an appreciation of how scalable your business is
  • Know the next steps you will need to develop your business idea further
  • Understand how to look at your business idea from a customer focussed perspective
  • The programme you will give you the tools to fine tune your business idea, and assist you further in your research to help you identify if your idea has commercial potential
  • Build up a network of support and meet like-minded people
  • Knowing what further supports are available for you including introductions to agencies, investors, incubation programmes and accelerators

What our participants say:

The participants have been extremely happy with the EnterpriseSTART programme delivered. Following evaluations of the programme which has been running since 2008 everyone indicated that they would recommend the programme to other start up entrepreneurs. Here are a few comments:  

·         Recommend??? I’d say its essential for anyone who has no prior experience of starting a business. The education alone in the practicalities of starting a business makes the course worthwhile, but invaluable is the insight it has given me in my own business. In addition the contacts made and the inspiration gained from the case studies has been amazing. 
-John Daly, Fluid Analysis

·         It’s an excellent programme for start-ups. Brings the focus of the market and cash flow which is very important. 
-Luke Curley, Edware Interactive Learning

·         The program was a great help in getting me to focus on the critical steps in commercialising our research. The program explored plenty of interesting topics (at a high level). I think for some people in UL undergoing Proof of Concept, Commercialisation and C+ projects should be encouraged to take this course. 
-Ronan Skehill, Cauwill Technologies

·         Is this your first time considering starting a business? If so then I strongly recommend you participate in the EnterpriseSTART programme. No matter how much you think you know about business, you will learn something new and important. You will be exposed to the fundamental activities required to develop your idea and to bring it to market. You will be exposed to the practical experiences of entrepreneurs who will personally elaborate on the many challenges they had to overcome to achieve success. As well as providing you with the opportunity to network with others of like mind, the programme includes exercises that will help you to determine if your business idea has merit. Most importantly, it will allow you to assess your determination to pursue the idea and develop a strong business from it.
-John Twomey, Emutex

Please download the application form for the programme here.​​​



Dates for next programme:
Questum, Clonmel: 20th September 2016
Limerick Campus: Limerick (either IFIL/Hartnett or NFC City Incubator): Autumn 2016

(Programme runs over 2 weekday evenings each week for 6 weeks)

For Further Information Contact

Email: Start@LIT.ie


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