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Ten Steps to Selecting your Course

1. Establish your career goals and interests. Think about what you enjoy, what you are good at, what kind of personality you are, and the values you hold. Find out more about the nature, working conditions and future prospects of the jobs that interest you.

 2. If you know what career interests you the most, find you what kind of education and training you’ll need to work in that field, and anything else that can help you narrow your focus.

 3. Familiarise yourself with the different types of courses in a given field. Compare and contrast these courses. Decide on the type of course which suits you best.

 4. Make sure you are academically prepared for college. Have you the subjects required for entry to the course that you are interested in? Have you checked how many points were required for entry to the course last year?

 5. Choose college characteristics that are important to you, for example, location, class size, facilities, learning environment, student life.

 6. Gather as much information as possible about the college. Talk to people who are currently studying there. If that is not possible, contact the college directly.

 7. Make a short list of the colleges that possess the characteristics you’re looking for and that best meet your goals and needs.

 8. Request additional information from the colleges on your list if the college prospectus does not provide you with sufficient information.

 9. Apply for admission/enrolment to the four to six colleges that top your list.

 10. Visit the college websites and other Internet resources for more information.

Future students can check out CAO related info at CAO.LIT.IE and register for more information and tips

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