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Makers have always existed.

In recent years, we have heard the term more frequently in the media - often to refer to people who tinker, dabble, mend, improve, create, design, develop, fabricate and, well, make! As with all good things, the education sector has seen the value of this in teaching.

The OECD has stated that: “In modern societies, all of life is problem solving. Changes in society, the environment and technology mean that the content of applicable knowledge evolves rapidly. Adapting, learning, daring to try out new things and always being ready to learn from mistakes are among the keys to resilience and success in an unpredictable world”. The Department of Education has published both the “Action Plan for Education 2018” and the “STEM Implementation Plan 2017-2019”. Both of these documents point to a much greater need for critical thinking as well as the inclusion of project-based learning and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) subjects.

MakerMeets are places where Makers gather to provide their skills to the educational community. Many of the tutors are teachers from Primary, Secondary and Third-level education with a passionate interest in S.T.E.A.M. and the desire to encourage students to explore, learn and think critically.

MakerMeets provide excellent ways to get practical and fun, hands-on experience in project-based learning areas. The skills learned at a MakerMeet can quickly be acquired and implemented into the teachers learning plan. MakerMeets are strictly non-sales events and some of the valuable skills that can be learned are (but not limited to): coding; art; robotics; animation; building; arduino boards; science experiments; mathematics concepts; app smashing; programming and much more - often in the same demonstration!

Since 2014 the ICT in Education Conference has held a MakerMeet as the pre conference opener on the Friday evening beforehand. These have always been engaging, enjoyable and educational events where participants have had the chance to explore many diverse areas of learning in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Demonstrations are always hands-on and participants are given opportunities to try all the varied projects the Makers have brought. ​​​


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