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ICT in Education Conference

Immersive Education with ICTEdu

Set aside Saturday the 6th of May to join other educators on the Thurles campus of LIT to discuss what truly “immersive education” means. Distinctly different perspectives of immersive education will unfold in several workshops and keynote speeches, with a full range of deep discussion and hands-on in break-out sessions throughout the day. As is traditional during the ICT in Education Conference series, you can count on the timetable carving out segments to meet and learn from fellow educators and valued exhibitors.

On the run-up to the #ictedu conference, several participants have offered their perspectives about how they have made dry academic material more engaging by immersing students in clever ways. Those academically sound techniques are often more important than wholescale integration to virtual worlds or mixed reality environments. The ICT in Education Conference will underscore the essential nature of immersive education pedagogy in several discussion sessions.

During the conference and workshops, the organisers of the ICT in Education Conference will highlight best practices, technology platforms, training and education programmes and collaborative support for training systems and fully immersive environments such as caves, domes and 360 cameras.

By the time the ICT in Education Conference wraps up, learners will be able to return home with a range of immersive learning technologies. Coder Dojo organisers will discover ways to focus exclusively on the use of one form of immersive learning technology (i.e., VR or Minecraft or Scratch). Or they could start to integrate more than one technology into the current Coder Dojo groups. These same creative ideas will prove very helpful when planning activities for the new Junior Cycle syllabus.

You can be part of this exciting day-long leap into immersive education during the ICT in Education Conference by registering on Eventbrite now.

Continuing an important @ictedu tradition, a pre-conference Maker Meet takes place on Friday May 5th. This meet places an emphasis on problem based learning based on hands-on, collaborative learning.

To stay informed about the 2017 ICT in Education Conference, please follow @ictedu on Twitter​, like our Facebook page​ or check out the #ictedu hashtag on social networks.​​

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