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Teachers attending the 2015 ICT in Education Conference will discover a "maker" theme running through the presentations and workshops. In fact, this year's conference hammers home the theme with the tagline "Make. Bake. Take." Keynote speakers include Dr. Steve Bunce and Mary Loftus.

Make means the emphasis of the event centres around creativity. Presenters will share observations about things they have made, attributing their work to original work they reimagined, repurposed, and reused. We want to celebrate the essential roles played by creativity and originality in our primary and secondary school curricula by promoting the idea of "make" as a major theme. For our part, the ICT in Education Conference will upload maker objects onto Github where they can be downloaded and forked by schools anywhere in the world.​

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Bake means a process. You start with raw ingredients (the things you made or reused) and produce something just like a pastry chef would bake apples into a tart or a clever parent might bake a cottage pie from things in the fridge. During the ICT in Education Conference, we want to see people sharing their edtech recipes and talking about the key ingredients of their classroom workflow.

To Take something away means you leave with valuable ideas. Perhaps you download the #ictedu ePub or follow the #ictedu Link List to slide decks, OneDrive collections or Github repositories. To be worth spending your time on a Saturday in a professional development session, you need to know you're taking away inside information. And if you attend in person, you want to come away with renewed friendship, with the voices of people you follow on social media, and with professional connections that you may want to develop into real friendships over time.

Picture: Youth Media team

As in the past, a pre-conference opener takes place on Friday April 24th. It will be a Maker Meet run by Mags Amond and Bian a Ní Ghrógáin, the Ying and the Yang of marvelous creations. People who have survived workshops with Mags and Bianca enjoy enhanced appreciation of inanimate objects such record cards, fruit, pasta, wire and alligator clips.

For more details of the main event or the Maker Meet, please monitor the #ictedu hashtag on both Facebook and Twitter.


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