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Centuries of Limerick’s Gas Heritage get a Permanent Home at LSAD

TWO significant artefacts celebrating Limerick’s three century gas history were unveiled at the Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD) in Clare Street today (Tuesday, May 22). The historic cast-iron gas metre was used to measure the quantities of gas produced at the Dock Road Gasworks for nearly a century from the 1880s, while the steam-operated tar pump was also a key element of the gas-making process.

The Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Jim Long, and Chair of Bord Gáis, Rose Hynes officially unveiled the artefacts, which have been painstakingly restored to former glory over the past 12 months in a joint venture by Bord Gáis Networks and Limerick Civic Trust.

While the restoration of the items was underway, Limerick Civic Trust and Bord Gáis Networks carried out evaluations of potential sites for the display of the items. Limerick Institute of Technology agreed that the Limerick School of Art & Design would host the displays in the gardens at Clare Street. The project has also received excellent support from Limerick City Council who fully endorsed the move to Clare Street.

John Barry, MD, Bord Gáis Networks said: “Limerick’s long tradition in the manufacture of gas at Dock Road enabled the introduction of clean, economical natural gas to the city since 1987. The heritage and history behind that stretches through generations of workers and a tradition of towns gas all the way to the ultra modern network of today and potentially to renewable gas of the future. It has meant that gas has been a favourite of households, industry and potential new business in Limerick and surrounding towns through three centuries. We now have 822 kilometres of the most modern gas transmission and distribution systems in place around the city, county and adjoining counties.”

Jennifer Gabbet, Chair of Limerick Civic Trust paid tribute to the restoration team: “O’Donnell Engineering restored the artefacts and the project has been a superb example of the great working relationship between Limerick Civic Trust and Bord Gáis Networks. What you see here today is a permanent record of what was a huge contributor to the growth of the city.”

Towns gas was made from coal and later from naptha at the Dock Road site in Limerick from 1880 until 1987. Limerick was then supplied with natural gas and Bord Gáis replaced customers’ old units with natural gas appliances. New gas consumers joined the network in the city and natural gas was also made available to city-based new developments and a wide range of industrial customers in Limerick. Natural Gas was also extended to nearby towns viable for connection within the reach of the new natural gas network.

For further information contact:

Mona Khan
Presidents Office
Limerick Institute of Technology
Phone: 061 208208
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Or for Further Bord Gais Information:
Nigel O’Mahony, Director, OMF Publicity.
Tel: 021 4965000/086 2497530. Mail: nigel@omfpublicity.ie

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