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Why it's time for Imperial again. 2000


Untitled, 1998


Untitled, 1998.

Gerard Byrne website

My own work has been realized in various formats, but mostly through photographic and film / video media. My approach to working in these media is sometimes unorthodox, i.e. I see myself as an artist who uses photography and film rather then a photographer or film-maker. However sometimes my approach is highly orthodox, in that one of my artistic interests is representational conventions, genres, archetypes etc.

Recent projects have included an on-going sequence of photographs of Loch Ness, which reference the construction of Loch Ness as an idea in Newspapers throughout the 20th century. Another project, "why it's time for Imperial, again" centers an advertisement in the November 1980 issue of National Geographic. The ad takes the form of a transcript of a conversation between Frank Sinatra, and Lee Iacocca, then boss of Chrysler, in which they chat about the merits of the new Chrysler Imperial. I worked with actors and film-makers to reconstruct the conversation, and film it.

In general my work engages with ideas around the construction of history in a media constructed reality


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